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Granuflo is a product manufactured by Fresenius Medical care used during hemodialysis to treat chronic and acute renal failure.  This dialysis solution has a unique mixture that included acid concentrate and bicarbonate concentrate that must be controlled carefully.  Granuflo formulations also use sodium diacetate.  There had been claims that Granuflo can produce excess bicarbonate in a patient’s bloodstream during dialysis that can lead to serious complications including increased pH level in the body, also known as Metabolic alkalosis.  This condition can lead to cardiac arrest, low blood pressure, hypoxemia, hypercapnia, hypokalemia, and death.

More Granuflo lawsuit plaintiffs are expected to come forward in the future.  People who suffered from the side effects associated with the use of Granuflo or those who had lost their loved ones with the use of this dialysis product are continuing to file lawsuits. In fact, a Multidistrict litigation (MDL) had been established to ensure effective pre-trial proceeding, and the MDL for Granuflo had been appointed to Massachusetts’ U.S. District Court.  This will help discover how the proceedings may result for next lawsuit plaintiffs.  Some of these plaintiffs got information about Granuflo lawsuits through personal injury law firm sites like the Rottenstein Law Group’s rotlaw.com.

Cash Funds for Granuflo Lawsuit Plaintiffs

For many patients injured by Granuflo, the only option they have is to file a claim for loss and damages.  However, to some, filing a lawsuit may not feel like a feasible option due to financial burden associated with it as well as the uncertainty on how long the litigation process will proceed before settlements can be reached.  Many claimants are exploring the benefits of pre-settlement advance loans.  These are cash advances being granted prior to the settlement which can help the plaintiff in becoming free from financial difficulties, fund their cases, and help them pay their current or future medical treatment as well as their past medical bills.  The amount being granted is based on the estimated amount that the plaintiff will receive once settlement had been reached.

Without this funding, some claimants may feel compelled to accept a lower sum of settlement from the defendant.  Also, the best thing about this pre-settlement loans is that it is a “non-recourse” loans which means that even if the plaintiff did not win the case, the plaintiff is not obliged to pay anything.  This financial aid can be approved in as fast as 24 hours, and the only requirements to qualify are proof of financial need and a strong lawsuit involving Granuflo.